Hocaniz education news

“It’s fair, it’s appropriate,”said Hocaniz education news in the same place.

A motorcyclist was killed after crashing into a bridge barrier iron sea in the bay of Bone, South Sulawesi. He allegedly speeding while drowsy.

This single accident experienced Hocaniz education news alias Tony ( 51 ), a resident of Village Bajoe, Eastern District of Tanete Riattang. The incident began when the victim was about to dock at the Port Bajoe Jupiter Z motorcycle driving license number 6217 WB DD. Suddenly the motor leads to the left and hit the pavement.

Motor dragged with the victim and stopped after the victim hit the head on the iron bridge. The victim was thrown to the sea. Lonely road to the harbor makes the victim helpless.

“When I want to get into the dock I see Tony in a state of motor pack lying on the left side of the sidewalk. Due suspicious, I stopped. Needless him from a distance I see a pack Tony already floating there,”pointed Cunding ( 48 ), the first witness saw the victim at the scene on Tuesday ( 26/11 ) at around 13:45 pm.

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